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5 Intercultural Communication Secrets
To increase your confidence and skill
  • Secret 1: Different cultures do not have the same rules, norms, and social clues you do
  • Secret 2: Be sincerely interested in what other people experience from their point of view
  • Secret 3: Don't take resistance, suspicion or mistrust personally
  • Secret 4: Expect that your assumptions about others are likely wrong
  • Secret 5: Learn pieces of cultural information that will build trust
webinar starts in
November 22, 2017 at 3pm (MDT)
Culture can be confusing!

Maybe you have been frustrated with trying to make yourself understood in a conversation with someone from another culture. Or perhaps you long to crack other person’s cultural “code” so you can both enjoy a more natural communication. 

When communication doesn’t work, it can literally feel like a wall of misunderstanding between you. No matter how empathetic you are, it is impossible to understand all cultures; even your own! If you have ever felt that you wanted to increase your confidence and skill for communicating across cultural differences, you have come to the right place!

Intercultural expert, Marie Gervais’ mini-training “5 intercultural communication secrets to increase your confidence” will reveal the hidden understandings behind each of the 5 secrets. Using examples and incidents, Marie will show you how to use insights about each intercultural secret to improve your communication with people who are culturally different from you.

This is a must-see session! 
"How to identify and use natural and unexpected connections"
"Strategies to find out where people who do the job you want hand out and how to get to meet them - then what to do when you do meet them"
"How to ask for and get a virtual introduction and why it matters"
"How to identify and use natural and unexpected connections"
"Strategies to find out where people who do the job you want hand out and how to get to meet them - then what to do when you do meet them"
"How to ask for and get a virtual introduction and why it matters"
Meet the Presenter:

Marie Gervais CEO of Shift Management Inc., brings workplace learning to new heights with supervisory and leadership training for industry, online learning, webinars, and workplace learning needs assessment services. She applies field-based practical tools to workplace problems, builds capacity for systems thinking and problem solving, and facilitates collaborative teamwork for today’s multicultural workforce. 

If you are looking for leadership training with real workplace results, happy employees and increased market share, a conversation with Marie is the best place to start.
What people say about us:
 "From this course I better understand the many cultural factors impacting internationally trained job seekers looking for work in Canada. I liked the balanced view of both employer perspectives with job seeker perspectives throughout the course, the real examples and the thought provoking videos. It is always an issue to deal with intercultural misunderstandings in the workplace, but I feel better equipped to solve them after taking this course. I recommend this user-friendly practical course to anyone looking for work in their field in Canada."
--- Ben Sabet, course participant Work and Culture Online
 "I very much enjoyed the course which supports and provides context to my daily work, giving me some effective tools and strategies to deal with any cultural conflicts or misunderstandings in the workplace as they arise. As you say, the key is not to take issues personally or magnify the effect of cultural behaviour by keeping the context in mind and trying to empathize with a fellow human being who has been uprooted, transplanted to another soil and is trying to survive in a completely different environment. It has been most rewarding to have been able to take time to learn about inter-cultural communication and to share our experiences from our increasingly diverse workforce. I would definitely recommend your course to others and have already done so."
--- Fiona Fairley, Employment Councilor, Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association
 "I have reacted less than effectively to some intercultural situations in the past because I took them too personally. That was before I understood that different cultural values shape how people communicate and act, and that they were probably acting out of that, and not intending to offend me. Learning more about intercultural communication and misunderstandings has motivated me to be more mindful about interactions with others at work, and to use more reason and less emotion."
--- Kathleen Webster, ESL instructor, Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association
 "I wish I would have had access to these videos when I first came to Alberta. They most certainly would have helped me avoid a lot of wasted time, frustration, and cultural errors in communication with employers as I looked for work."
--- Landry Bankole, Occupational Therapist and Researcher
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